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Container services in Kerala. Veeyem cont is the best shipping companies & it is the huge shipping container sales and container service providers in Kerala. Globally provide to 32 to 40 feet containers and used containers, railway containers, dwarf containers, marine containers cargo containers, and storage containers provide from VMCONT. Our manufacturers are expert in ocean freight, cargo, storage, shipping containers, and first double stack dwarf containers manufacture. India's best containers services and most of the businessmen trusting transportation & It is the lowest price shipping company in Kerala. This Corporation gives the best solution for our container buyers for achieving their business goal by providing the ocean globe containers.check out other ventures logistics company in kochi.

Shipping companies in Kochi, Kerala, India

It is the No.1 shipping companies in Kerala, And we manufacturing the office containers, container homes, and living houses in excellent quality. Our shipping companies regularly upgrade interiors facilities. We are India's no.1 freight container and second-hand containers suppliers & distributors. We take personal responsibilities for all our containers buyers. Veeyem cont is the best container dealers, packing & movers, logistic, and goods carrier transportation in Kerala. We are the leading shipping company and container tracking in Kerala. We are specialists in container manufacturing & give a better solution for containers based and shipment businesses through the freight, cargo, marine, and storage containers providing. It is the rapid shipping company it is helpful for startup business and freight forwarders. Here containers maintenance, repair, logistics, ship management & second-hand containers rental and sale in lowest price at veeyem cont.

Best Prices

Our prices are always the best affordable for the services we provide. Best price lower than standardized range.


We never risk our reputation in providing services at average quality. We give our best for the satisfaction of the clients.


Growth is necessary for every business. Partner with us for enriching your business growth.

The leading and Trusted shipping company in Cochin, Kerala, India.

Veeyem Container Services, with container office at Kochi, aims at providing cost-effective, efficient and reliable solutions.

VMCONT works smart to comprehend customer’s goals and to meet up customer’s strategic, operational and financial requirements.

VMCONT aim is to go global and so focuses on pellucidity, flexibility and accuracy in solution to all the logical needs of customer with best and high quality at best price lower than the consistent range and for best interior decorations for rooms.

Customers can look up for the best and updated modern models of containers for shipping and services like supply of containers, heavy cranes and experienced drivers for escorts.

VMCONT encourages the customers to join hands with them to give an enriching growth to business.


Veeyem Container Service manufactures 20 ft and 40 ft containers with standardized dimensions. They are of variable materials and space as per the need and demand of usages and customers. VMCONT gives out the containers at best prices lower than the standardized rates.

VMCONT values the customer needs and affordability and so the costs are flexible as the demand of customers. Cost may vary for the sake of customers but its quality is never below, because quality is the signature part of VMCONT. Best and new containers with full finishing and high standard quality can be seen in VMCONT, Cochin. Customer difficulties and financial issues are considered well by VMCONT


* All the Prices vary depending upon the Quality and Requirements

20 FeetUsed Containers for SaleRs 1,10,000 per unit
20 FeetUsed Containers for LeaseRs 8,500 per unit
40 FeetUsed Containers for SaleRs 2,10,000 per unit
40 Feet Used Containers for LeaseRs 15,000 per unit


Along with the sale and wholesale of intermodal containers, VMCONT offer the containers at lease. Considering the financial needs VMCONT encourages the lease offer with low rates possible. Costs are flexible as per the needs, comfort and satisfaction of the customers. VMCONT, Cochin container manufacturers values the affordability of customer and their growth as well as the organizations growth, because it is a fact that customer’s growth is the main factor of VMCONT’s growth. To sum up, VMCONT provide best prices lower than the standardized range just for the sake of customers.


* All the Prices vary depending upon the Quality and Requirements

20 FeetUsed Containers for SaleRs 1,10,000 per unit
20 FeetUsed Containers for LeaseRs 8,500 per unit
40 FeetUsed Containers for SaleRs 2,10,000 per unit
40 Feet Used Containers for LeaseRs 15,000 per unit


Along with the wholesale and lease of new containers, second hand containers are also available. Used containers are checked for its perfection and all the details are clearly verified and made into possible perfection as good enough to be supplied for the customer. VMCONT, shipping container manufacturers of Kochi, makes their best to provide best quality even at the used container sales. For a temporary use or because of financial problems customer opt for used containers and realizing their needs and hardships, VMCONT provide the best availability to the customers for their satisfaction.But to its accuracy, flexibility in rates are assured.

Second Hand Containers

Cost of second hand intermodal containers varies depending on the need and demand of customers.


VMCONT does not stop with the production and sales of intermodal containers, but also supplies heavy cranes and escorts for lease at affordable prices. VMCONT with containers office at Kochi, are so best in service of providing highly tuned and new vehicles for the quotes asked by the customers. And along with it, well experienced drivers with years of practice are allotted to make the job done for the sake of customers. VeeyemContainer Service at Cochin wanted to serve its customers with full-fledged satisfied transportations.

20 FeetUsed Containers for SaleRs 1,10,000 per unit
20 FeetUsed Containers for LeaseRs 8,500 per unit
40 FeetUsed Containers for SaleRs 2,10,000 per unit
40 Feet Used Containers for LeaseRs 15,000 per unit

The Market Pricing

Containers are sold at heavy price. It’s a fact that many shipping containers have been discarded because of its shipping cost. Especially in India, cost of shipping plays a major role in shipping capacity. Basic cost will be based on the size, quality, ease of access, landside cost and the manufacturers rate all add up to a huge amount

Successful Clientele

It is happy and proud to share that VMCONT supplies container for Embarkation Headquarters Chennai for the past five years to till date.

~ Providing shipping container for salein Kerala since 2008

Embarkation Headquarters deals with the process of loading airplanes or passenger ship with passenger or military personnel along with individual aircraft or ships. Embarkation Headquarters is having a good business relation with VMCONT. This shipping container manufacturer of Kochi, VMCONT is also into V. V. Transports and M. M. Transports, which is of 26years experienced, is also a great business dealer with VMCONT.

A good relationship with company and Customer Company leads to a perfect growth and VMCONT never risks in the customer satisfaction.. And so, the service is an integral part of VMCONT, the shipping manufacturer in Kochi. The ability to deliver exceptional service is the tremendous source of competitive advantage for Cochin’s VeeyemContainer Service

The History

Containerization is a system that was developed centuries ago, but it was not that popular in those days. The method of transporting things using intermodal container (otherwise called ‘shipping containers’) was widely spread and gave a flourished business especially in 20th century. In the beginning it was only for transporting things like cargo products, agroproducts, machines, goods etc. But the modern age has brought many changes and updated for different usages like –from transportation of things to locomotive homes and offices.

The Story


Veeyem Container Service is an organization established in the year 2008 in Kochi, Kerala. VMCONT is an experienced shipping container manufacturer in Kerala. VMCONT, the shipping container manufacturers in Kerala, give the containers at wholesale and at lease with the best quality available. We are updated with the usages of containers, the style and modes of container according to the need and demand of the customer. Transporting containers are made with the best available facilities and high quality production. The containers that are to be used for rooms, homes and offices are well planned, penned with high quality interior decorations as the present day modernity. VMCONT is so specific in their quality in manufacturing because VMCONT value their customer’s growth in their business. VMCONT strives hard for being the best and to be the first selection of customers.

Veeyem Container Service

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