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Veeyem container services are one of the leading container transport services in Chennai. We are a group of dedicated container shipping and logistic expert having a track record of successfully moving products around the corner of Chennai.

Founded in 2008, the company is constantly providing the best logistic marine container services in Chennai. Over the year, our container transport services in Chennai have gained all the best resources, expertise, and experience. Our company is specialized in container trading, renting, leasing, and container freight services are growing fast.

Veeyem container services in chennai are a one-stop solution, from bathroom containers to restaurant and office interior containers. We work closely with our customers to meet both short and long term requirements.

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Advantages of havingVeeyam Container Transport Services in Chennai

Comprehensive network to connect anywhere in Chennai

Reliable schedules to deliver container shipping services

Choose your flexibility in delivery options, delivery location, single or bulk projects

Freight Container Services in Chennai Veeyam Container service

We are engaged in providing reliable and cost-effective container shipping services in chennai to customers with our community partners. Our goal is to meet the customer’s changing needs with flexibility and build a long term relationship.

Understanding our customer and their requirements enable us to apply our industry expertise in delivering tailor-made services. We have always been responsive to the industry’s emerging challenges and provide its business partners with economical shipping services.

We are dealing with major government bodies and delivering our services at the best affordable rates. Our focus is to enter into the long term contracts and offer Chennai’s best platform for sustainable growth.

With the expertise of more than 12 years, as a Veeyem customer, you will enjoy the benefits of

Superior quality containers

Consistent and friendly services

Committed to trade simply

Transparency and accurate transaction process

Cheap moving container services

Our dedicated team will ensure that you receive the fully customized used container shipping services that will be entirely handled by the Veeyem expert team, so you are free to focus on your other business activities.

Marine Container Services In Chennai

Veeyem container services in chennai sells a variety of containers that best suits to your requirements. Our services are not only limited to selling the containers but also in reaching containers to your desired destination.

We assist you in container storage, repair, and refurbishments solutions, including loaded and empty container lifting, Reefer services, container smoking shelter, etc.

No matter what your industry or commodity is, Veeyem container services have solutions to offer both small and large businesses to grow. Further, whether dry or refrigerated, hazardous, or oversized, we have the vessels and containers to meet all your shipping needs in Chennai.

Interested in what we are offering?

Let us help you understand thecontainers we provide in Chennai.

Used Dry Container For Sale in Chennai

Dry containers are the most used containers for sale in chennai, preferable for most types of goods that are packed in cartoons, bags, or drums. Such freight container comes with the rigid roof, floor, and sidewalls that is totally enclosed and weatherproof. They are constructed of steel for ease of repair.

Refridgerated Container in Chennai

Another type, we are offering refrigerated shipping container services that are specifically designed for transporting the perishable good. As these goods need a specific temperature-controlled environment, our refrigerated containers are built to safely deliver your containers and products. We are fully aware of the technology and knowledge to deliver your perishable and pharmaceutical goods in the peak conditions without causing any damage.

Hazardous Container in Chennai

From flaming gases to poison, our team is highly trained in dealing with everything with safety. We assure you to deliver full government compliance support for all hazardous freight.

Types of Containers we Provide in Chennai

Explore Veeyam’s world-class various containers that will allow you to ship any types of goods in Chennai and the best conditions. Besides, we excel in creating modifications in containers at the lowest cost in the industry without compromising any quality.

We manufacture the customized containers among the Dry, refrigerated, and hazardous with all the latest technology and excellent quality.

We carry a wide range of containers in stock for the customers to visit our place and view. Our experienced staff will be waiting for you to give all advice regarding these containers at the location.

  • Bathroom container.

    A portable or mobile toilet is any type of toilet that can be moved around, some by one person, some by mechanical equipment. Most types do not require any pre-existing services, such as sewerage disposal, but are completely self-contained.

  • Office container and its portability feature.

    A portable, demountable or transportable building is a building designed and built to be movable rather than permanently located. Portable buildings are generally manufactured using sustainable and eco friendly materials.

  • Solar office container.

    A portable, demountable or transportable building is a building designed and built to be movable rather than permanently located. Portable buildings are generally manufactured using sustainable and eco friendly materials and runs on solar energy.

  • Restaurants and cafe container.

    Restuarent and Cafe containers are portable containers for quick, on the move, easy restaurent.

  • Dormitory container.

    Dormitory containers are portable containers for Dormitory needs.

  • Mini house container.

    Mini House containers are portable containers for Basic housing needs.

  • Construction site office cabin.

    We also provide cabins for the construciton site sections.

  • Containers for export.

    We are among the best in the export business, always providing high quality containers for exports.

  • Container for cargo storage especially during monsoons.

    We provide containers during monsoons for storage related issues.

Veeyem container services guarantees to meet the highest standard of the industry and deliver outstanding results.

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